Abrasion of specimen of Calcarina used for radiocarbon dating of sediments from the reef island Barrang Lompo, Spermonde Archipelago, Indonesia


The dataset is based on 50 soft carbonate sediment samples from the reef island Barrang Lompo in the Spermonde Archipelago, Sulawesi, SE Asia. The subsurface samples were obtained by percussion drilling at 5 coring locations on the island. From each coring location, 10 samples were retrieved in 1 m intervals, thus providing samples from a maximum depth of 10 m below surface at each site (1m, 2m, ..., 10m). Laboratory data was collected between 2019 and 2021. The provided dataset contains grain size (raw and processed data; using GRADISTAT by Blott & Pye, 2001), skeletal component analysis (counting of fragments, 500 per sample; raw data) and facies determination (based on grain size and skeletal composition) of each sample. Additionally, the dataset provides raw and calibrated radiocarbon ages from 20 selected samples (calibration curve by Heaton et al. 2020; marine reservoir correction by Southon et al. 2002; calibration tool OxCal v4.4 by Bronk Ramsey, 2009). For the radiocarbon analyses, picked and pooled foraminifera of the genus Calcarina were chosen. These 20 samples were furthermore classified in terms of abrasion (1=very good preserved,... 4=very poorly preserved), following suggestions by Fellowes et al. 2017. The calibrated ages cover the earlier to late Holocene (~7,000 to 2,000 years BP). The collected data provides information of reef-derived sedimentation in the Holocene in the Spermonde Archipelago. It provides insight into the ecological background and the origin of the skeletal sediments.

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