A taxonomically harmonized and temporally standardized fossil pollen data from Siberia covering the last 40 ka: pollen counts


Pollen records from Siberia are mostly absent in global or Northern Hemisphere synthesis works. Here we present a taxonomically harmonized and temporally standardized pollen dataset that was synthesized using 173 palynological records from Siberia and adjacent areas (northeast Asia, 50°180°E and 42°75°N). Pollen data were taxonomically harmonized, that is the original 437 taxa were transformed to 106 combined pollen taxa. Age-depth models for all records were revised by applying a constant Bayesian age-depth modelling routine. The pollen dataset is available as count data and percentage data in a table format (taxa vs. samples) with age information for each sample. The dataset has relatively few sites covering the last glacial period between 40 and 11.5 cal ka BP (calibrated thousand years before present 1950 CE) particularly from the central and western part of the study area. In the Holocene period, the dataset has many sites from most of the area except the central part of Siberia. Of the 173 pollen records, 81% of pollen counts were downloaded from open databases (GPD, EPD, Pangaea) and 10% were contributions of the original data gatherers, while a few were digitized from publications. Most of the pollen records originate from peatlands (48%) and lake sediments (33%). Most of the records (83%) have ≥3 dates allowing the establishment of reliable chronologies. The dataset can be used for various purposes including pollen data mapping (example maps for Larix at selected time-slices are shown) as well as quantitative climate and vegetation reconstructions.

List of references: doi:10.1594/PANGAEA.898614

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Spatial Coverage (-171.700W, 42.320S, 51.840E, 74.550N); Taymyr peninsula, northern Siberia; Russia; Lake Aral, Kazakhstan; Baidara, Russia; Nikolay Lake, Lena Delta, Russia; Siberia, Russia; Lake Boguda, Russia; Bugristoe, Russia; Chabada Lake, Russia; Chernoe Lake, Russia; Cherny Yar, Russia; Cape Shpindler, Yugorski Peninsula, Russia; Derput, Russia; Bolshoe Eravnoe Lake, Russia; North Pacific Ocean; Elgygytgyn crater lake, Sibiria, Russia; Yenisei, Siberia, Russia; Karasieozerskoe, Russia; Khocho, Russia; Khomustakh Lake, Russia; Labaz Lake area; Polar Urals; Lake Madjagara, Russia; Maksimkin Yar, Russia; Mamontovy Khayata, Bykovsky Peninsula, Siberia; Mokhovoye, Kazakhstan; Nizhnevartovsk, Russia; Novo-Uspenka, Russia; Nulsaveito, Russia; Lake Nuochaga, Russia; Ovrazhnoe, Russia; Petropavlovka, Russia; Taymyr; Lake Billyakh, Verkhoyansk Mountains, Yakuti, Russia; Two-Yurts Lake; Pur-Taz Peatland, Russia; Samandon, Russia; Cape Sabler, Taymyr Lake, Taymyr Peninsula, Krasnoyarsk, northern Russia; Gulf of Tartary; Suollakh, Russia; Sverdrup, Russia; Teguldet, Russia; Novienky peat bog, Russia; UstMashevskoe, Russia; Zaboinoe Lake, Russia
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