Lithium abundances of F-K stars

An extensive profile-fitting analysis was performed for the Li(+Fe) 6707-6708{AA} feature of nearby 160 F-K dwarfs/subgiants (including 27 planet-host stars) in the Galactic disk (7000K>~Teff>~5000K, -1<~[Fe/H]~6000K, the satisfactory agreement of the upper envelope of the A(Li) vs. [Fe/H] distribution with the theoretical models, the existence of a positive correlation between A(Li) and the stellar mass, and the tendency of lower lithium abundances of planet-host stars (as compared to stars without planets) at the narrow ``transition'' region of 5900K>~Teff>~5800K. The solar Li abundance derived from this analysis is 0.92 (H=12.00), which is by 0.24dex lower than the widely referenced standard value of 1.16.

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