(Table I-II) Station details and isopoda abundance of samples taken during POLARSTERN cruise ANT-XV/3 to the eastern Weddell Sea and King George Island


Abundance, diversity, and distribution of suprabenthic Isopoda caught from a water layer between 0.27 to 0.60 m above the seafloor were analysed. The samples were taken during the ANT XV/3 cruise on RV Polarstern by means of an epibenthic sledge along two transects in the southern Weddell Sea (Vestkapp and Halley Bay) and another one east of King George Island. At each of these three bathymetric transects, five to six stations were sampled between 200 and 2000 m. In total, 4258 specimens of isopods were sampled at 14 stations standardized to 1000 m2 hauls. 114 species were identified from 49 genera and 23 higher taxa (families and suborders) of Isopoda. Most of them belonged to the suborder Asellota. Dominant families are Munnopsididae (Eurycopinae, Ilyarachninae), Joeropsidae, Munnidae, Paramunnidae, Ischnomesidae and Desmosomatidae. No striking differences were found between areas (Vestkapp, Halley Bay, Kapp Norvegia, and Bransfield Strait). Overall isopod abundances were highest at the shallowest station; species richness was slightly higher above 1000 m depth.

Supplement to: Brandt, Angelika (2004): Abundance, diversity, and community patterns of Isopoda (Crustacea) in the Weddell Sea and in the Bransfield Strait, Southern Ocean. Antarctic Science, 16(1), 5-10

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