Holocene organic geochemical data from Borreguil de la Virgen (S Spain)


his dataset includes both bulk sediment organic data and biomarker data: total organic carbon (TOC), total nitrogen (TN), total hydrogen (TH), atomic hydrogen - carbon ratio (H/C), atomic carbon - nitrogen ratio (C/N), carbon isotopic composition (13C), and nitrogen isotopic composition (15N) (measured by means of isotope-ratio mass spectrometry with a coupled elemental analyser, IRMS-EA), as well as n-alkane concentrations (from C18 to C37), including the total n-alkane concentration, the average change length (ACL), the portion aquatic (Paq), and the carbon preference index (CPI) (measured using gas chromatography with flame-ionization detection - GC-FID).

DOI https://doi.org/10.1594/PANGAEA.883646
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Creator García-Alix, Antonio; Jiménez-Espejo, Francisco Jose; Jiménez-Moreno, Gonzalo; Toney, Jaime L; Ramos-Román, María J; Camuera, Jon; Anderson, R Scott; Delgado Huertas, Antonio; Martínez Ruiz, Francisca; Queralt, Ignasi
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Publication Year 2017
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Spatial Coverage (-3.379 LON, 37.053 LAT); Sierra Nevada, Spain