Comparison of Adsorption at the Native Aluminium Oxide/Oil and Alumina/Oil Interfaces


In this proposal we investigate the suitability of a-alumina as a model for the natural oxide formed on aluminium metal. Alumina is often used as a model for the metal system but has been shown to differ in structure to the native oxide, including the surface groups. In this work we propose to directly compare the adsorption of 3 organic additives to both oxides from oil in order to test the suitability of alumina as a model for this industrially important metal.

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Creator Professor Stuart Clarke; Dr Ali Zarbakhsh; Ms Beth Howe; Dr Rebecca Welbourn; Dr Kathryn Browning; Dr Chris Truscott; Dr Phoebe Allan
Publisher ISIS Neutron and Muon Source
Publication Year 2017
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Discipline Chemistry; Construction Engineering and Architecture; Engineering; Engineering Sciences; Natural Sciences
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