Chemical composition of BE Lyn

High-resolution spectroscopic observation was carried out to find the chemical composition of BE Lyn. The abundances of 25 chemical elements from carbon to neodymium were found. The deficiency of iron appeared to be equal to {DELTA}logN(Fe)=-0.26+/-0.08 with respect to the solar metallicity, and the abundances of other elements were mainly undersolar. Only nitrogen, sodium, aluminium, and sulfur showed overabundances near 0.2-0.3dex. The abundance pattern showed no clear signs of accretion or mass transfer events. It is not possible to exclude the classification of BE Lyn as a SX Phe-type star with slightly undersolar abundances of chemical elements. In addition, new differential time-series observations of BE Lyn were secured using V filters, and seven new times of light maximum were identified. We collected 162 times of light maximum from the literature, unpublished data, and an open database, and we proceeded to investigate the pulsational properties of BE Lyn. All five harmonic frequencies were identified using the Fourier decomposition method.

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Creator Kim C.; Yushchenko A.V.; Kim S.-L.; Jeon Y.-B.; Kim C.-H.
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Publication Year 2013
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