Pollen counts at Lough Doo, Co. Mayo, Ireland


Analyst: Michael O'Connell and Fraser J.G. MitchellLaboratory: Palaeoenvironmental Research Unit, NUI Galway, Galway, IrelandData analysis completed: 1982, 1985Sampling in field: 3 m Mackereth corer (pneumatic corer provided by Dr Alan Hamilton, Uni of Ulster (Coleraine); see Mackereth (1958). Max. depth, ca. 13 m, towards eastern side of lake. Core taken in ca. 8 cm of water close to middle of lake. Date of lake coring: 1981 (summer). Length of core: 3 m (incl. most of Holocene). Pollen sampling detail: sampling density <= 4 cm intervals. Depths cited in m, with respect to the top of core (uppermost - most recent sediment probably not retrieved).Pollen preparation: Lycopodium tablets (Stockmarr) added; acetolysis, mounted in glycerine. Cereal-type pollen differentiated using Beug (1961) criteria (37 um taken as cutoff point; this differs from PRU practice in later years when 40 µm was taken as the cut off size). Pollen nomenclature generally follows Moore et al. 1991. <1 = recorded outside the pollen counts. Myrica not distinguished. Included in Corylus/Myrica.

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