Dark respiration, primary production and calcification rates of the coralline alga Corallina officinalis L. under varying temperature conditions


Physiological rates of C. officinalis at the experimental irradiance, and in the dark in the 4 temperature treatments (C, HW, +3, HW+3) for the 3 incubation times (t1, before the MHW start; t2, right after the MHW end; t3, after a recovery period from the MHW end).

Supplement to: Rendina, Francesco; Bouchet, Phil J; Appolloni, Luca; Russo, Giovanni F; Sandulli, Roberto; Kolzenburg, Regina; Putra, Aditya; Ragazzola, Federica (2019): Physiological response of the coralline alga Corallina officinalis L. to both predicted long-term increases in temperature and short-term heatwave events. Marine Environmental Research, 150, 104764

DOI https://doi.org/10.1594/PANGAEA.904406
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