UBVI photometry of NGC 6864


We carry out and analyze new multi-color photometry of the Galactic globular cluster (GC) M75 in UBVI and focus on the brighter sequences of the color-magnitude diagram (CMD), with particular emphasis on their location in U-based CMD. Specifically, we study the level both of the horizontal (HB) and red giant branches (RGB) relative to the main-sequence turnoff (TO) in the U magnitude. Along with the presented photometry of M75, we use our collection of photometric data on GCs belonging to the metal-poor range, [Fe/H]zw<-1.1dex, obtained from observations with different equipment, but calibrated by standard stars situated in the observed cluster fields. We confirm our earlier finding, and extend it to a larger magnitude range. We demonstrate that Delta(U_TO_^BHB^) expressing the difference in U magnitude between the TO point and the level of the blue HB, near its red boundary, of the metal-poor GCs observed with the EMMI camera of the NTT/ESO telescope is about 0.4-0.5mag smaller as compared to GCs observed with the 100" telescope and 1.3m Warsaw telescope of the Las Campanas Observatory. At the same time, Delta(U_TO_^RGB^), the difference in U magnitude between the TO and RGB inflection (brightest) points, does not show such an apparent dependence on the characteristics of U filters used, but it depends on cluster metallicity. We have shown, for the first time, the dependence of the parameter Delta(U_TO_^RGB^) on [Fe/H] and have estimated its analytical expression, by assuming a linear relation between the parameter and metallicity. Its slope, Delta(U_TO_^RGB^)/Delta[Fe/H]~1.2mag/dex, is approximately a factor of two steeper than that of the dependence of the RGB bump position in the V magnitude on metallicity. The asymptotic giant branch (AGB) clump and features of the RGB luminosity function (LF) of M75 are also discussed. The observations were made on 3 nights, 9-12 October 1998, with the 1.3m Warsaw telescope.

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