Gear Statistical tolerance analysis results


The provided dataset is the result of many gears simulations based on complex gears models. In this file, 40000 statistical tolerance analysis results based on Monte-Carlo simulation (MC sample size = 1000000). The following data are labeled via different colors and detailed as follows: (1). 15 inputs parameters (colored in light blue in the Excel file), some are tolerances defined by designers and applied on the gears characteristics as bounders to meet, and some are shifts on key parameters of these gears mainly due to their manufacturing. The last input parameter is the Kinematic Transmission Error (KTE). (2). Three outputs are available (colored in gold in the provided file): the number of non- conformity of each type of produced gears and the most important output the amount of final conformity rate (the most expensive ones).

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Creator KHEZRI, Amir Hossein (ORCID: ORCID: 0000-0003-0050-9272); DANTAN, Jean-Yves ORCID logo; ETIENNE, Alain ORCID logo; HOMRI, Lazhar (ORCID: 0000-0001-6754-844X)
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Publication Year 2023
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