NGC 4649 (M60) globular clusters

We present Sloan g and i imaging from the Gemini Multi-object Spectrograph (GMOS) instrument on the Gemini North telescope for the globular cluster (GC) system around the Virgo galaxy NGC 4649 (M60). Our three pointings, taken in good seeing conditions, cover an area of about 90 square arcmin. We detect 2151 unresolved sources. Applying colour and magnitude selection criteria to this source list gives 995 candidate GCs. Our source list is greater than 90 per cent complete to a magnitude of i=23.6, and has little contamination from background galaxies. We find fewer than half a dozen potential ultracompact dwarf galaxies around NGC 4649.

Cone search capability for table J/MNRAS/355/608/glcl (Resolved and candidate globular clusters in M60)

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Creator Forbes D.A.; Faifer F.R.; Forte J.C.; Bridges T.; Beasley M.A.; Gebhardt K.; Hanes D.A.; Sharples R.; Zepf S.E.
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Publication Year 2006
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