Aggregates feeding and pellet production from Microsetella norvegica collected during METEOR cruise M87/1 in Aril 2012


Harpacticoid Microsetella norvegica was fed with 5 concentrations of aggregates, collected from the station 1 (experiment 1) or from station 2 (experiment 2). The aggregates at station 1 were of phytoplankton origin and consisted mainly of Phaeocystis sp. and radiolarians; aggregates at station 2 were detritus collected from deep Mocness tows. M. norvegica was starved in filtered sea water for > 12 h, after which it was incubated together with aggregates for 8 h. After the incubation, pellets were counted and Microsetella and remaining aggregates were counted and measured. Pellet production of M. norvegica reflects feeding so that when pellet production is plotted against aggregate concentration, a functional response can be obtained.

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Publication Year 2014
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