Pollen counts for surface samples (ss) from modern tillage and hay plots nr. Kilgarvan


Analyst: Michael O'ConnellLaboratory: Palaeoenvironmental Research Unit, NUI Galway, IrelandData analysis completed: 1983Sampling in field: Mineral soil (5) and Sphagnum (1 sample)Pollen sampling details: uppermost surface (ca. 2 cm of mineral soil; Sphagnum in case of the bog sample).20/07/1980 initial sampling oats ripening; hay cut saved and in cocks20/09/1980 2 further samples taken in oat crop, i.e. 4b, 4c. Oats was cut, bound into sheaves and stookedAt each sampling point, ca 6 subsamples taken and amalgamated to give a single sample Sample size (g; dry wt - mineral soil)= 2. Lycopodium added and counted (counts are incl.) but concentration data as such not available; the Lycopodium counts give a rough idea of pollen conc. Surface samples; several subsamples taken close together constitute each sample. Depths cited in cm with respect to the mineral/soil interface (as in all samples from Carrownaglogh); negative values indicate above the mineral/peat interface.Pollen preparation: Lycopodium tablets (Stockmarr) added; acetolysis, HF; mounted in glycerine. Lycopodium counted (counts are incl.) but concentration data as such not available; the Lycopodium counts give a rough idea of pollen conc.Pollen identification and counting: Cereal-type pollen differentiated using Beug (1961) criteria (37 um as cutoff point). Size details and records of Triticum, etc. (only occasional grains of Secale) in O'Connell 1986. Pollen nomenclature generally follows Moore et al. 1991. <1 = recorded outside the pollen counts.

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