Distribution of planktic foraminifera in surface sediments of the Atlantic Ocean (ATL947)

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Creator Pflaumann, Uwe; Sarnthein, Michael; Chapman, Mark R; de Abreu, Lucia; Funnell, Brian M; Hüls, Matthias; Kiefer, Thorsten; Maslin, Mark A; Prahl, Frederick G; Swallow, John; van Kreveld, Shirley A; Vautravers, Maryline J; Vogelsang, Elke; Weinelt, Mara
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Publication Year 2003
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Spatial Coverage (-92.470W, -56.830S, 29.183E, 85.390N); Carolina Slope, North Atlantic Ocean; Blake Outer Ridge, North Atlantic Ocean; Blake-Bahama Outer Ridge, North Atlantic Ocean; Atlantic; South Atlantic Ocean; Walvis Ridge; Angola Basin; Walvis Ridge, Southeast Atlantic Ocean; Guinea Basin; Equatorial Atlantic; Brazil Basin; Cape Basin; Hunter Channel; Eastern Rio Grande Rise; Northern Guinea Basin; Southwest Guinea Basin; Cardno Seamount; West Angola Basin; Mid Atlantic Ridge; East Brazil Basin; Amazon Fan; Congo Fan; Namibia Continental Margin; Namibia continental slope; Atlantic Ocean; East Atlantic; Northeast Atlantic; off West Africa; off Guinea; eastern Romanche Fracture Zone; Sierra Leone Basin/Guinea Basin; off Liberia; off eastern Ghana; off Nigeria; off Nigeria-Delta; off Gabun; Biscaya; Norwegian Sea; Arctic Ocean; Greenland Sea; Norwegian-Greenland Sea; off Iceland; North Atlantic; North Atlantic Ocean; Fram Strait; Iceland Sea; Svalbard; Yermak Plateau; Jan Mayen Fracture Zone; East Greenland Sea; Aegir Ridge, Norwegian-Greenland Sea; off Portugal; Indian Ocean
Temporal Coverage Begin 1953-07-30T00:00:00Z
Temporal Coverage End 1997-08-24T05:54:00Z