CGRO/BATSE Gamma-Ray Burst Catalog

This database table comprises the gamma-ray bursts detected by the BATSE instrument on the Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory (CGRO). It includes the gamma-ray bursts from the BATSE 4B Catalog (triggers 105 through 5586, observed between April 19, 1991, and August 29, 1996) as well as a large number of triggered bursts since the publication of the BATSE 4B Catalog. All BATSE trigger data from the CGRO mission are available through this facility. As part of a final archiving effort, the BATSE instrument team is making minor refinements to certain data products. These revised products will be delivered to the HEASARC as soon as they are produced and tested. Certain burst catalog parameters, notably the position information, may be revised through improved analyses and instrumental calibration. The final catalog will be posted here as soon as it is completed.

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