Table S1. Past Himalayan erosion from Bengal Fan: Sample information, dating, 10Be and Sr-Nd isotopic results


Samples from the Bengal Fan and Lower Meghna River were measured. Each line gives the 10Be measurement result for one aliquot of the sample in a specific granulometric sandy fraction. Sample information (col. 1 to 11) includes the drilling core depth below sea-floor (CSF-A) and the ages determined with previous models. 10Be data (col. 12-32) presents the fractions selected for measurement (col. 12-13), the mass of quartz decontaminated from the atmospheric contribution (col. 14-15), the measurements of 9Be (carrier + potential native 9Be) by SARM (col. 17-20), the measurements of 10Be/9Be at ASTER (col. 21-25), the 10Be paleoconcentrations computed with the ages (col. 26-30) and the apparent Himalayan erosion rates (31-32). The nominal concentration of the carrier is [9Be] = 2020±83 ppm. The measured 9Be concentrations are on average 15% lower than the predicted concentrations, because of the potential loss of Be after addition of the 9Be carrier, during dissolution and evaporation. The 10Be/9Be results were corrected from the average blank in Table S3 ( The 1-σ uncertainty for 10Be results include a correction obtained with the average difference between the results presented here and the duplicate measurements presented in Table S2 ( Apparent Himalayan erosion rates were computed with the production rates of the Himalayan part of the Lower Meghna basin and by removing the Indian cratonic contribution. Sr-Nd isotopic measurement and fG computing results are presented col. 33 to 40. 143Nd/144Nd are reported as εNd(0), using CHUR(0) = 0.512638 (Goldstein et al., 1984 URI:10.1016/0012-821x(84)90007-4). For the Lower Meghna sand, Sr-Nd data are unpublished data from France-Lanord and Galy and measured similarly than our data, except for the sample BR 446, which is from Lupker and France-Lanord and was prepared with HCl leaching. The computing results for the test of the climate forcing hypothesis are in col. 41 to 44.

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