Tiraspol Rural District Organisations, 1950-1967


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The purpose of this study was to analyse trends in the membership of the political elite in the rural district of Tiraspol, Moldavia (USSR): the political elite being defined in terms of membership of the district Soviet and Communist Party Committee (raikom). Data cover the period 1950 - 1967, with some gaps; further information also covers membership of Moldavian republican institutions. Data were collected mainly from locally published newspapers, during a field trip in 1967 - 8.

Main Topics:

Variables Year of birth, sex, occupation 1950 - 1967, Communist Party membership status 1950 - 67, membership and office-holding in district soviet and raikom 1950 - 1967, membership of Moldavian Supreme Soviet and Central Committee.

No sampling (total universe)

all members for whom published data existed

Compilation or synthesis of existing material

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