Sediment characteristics from Reindeer winter ranges in Northern Finland


These data originate from 10 soil profiles sampled in northern Finland in June 2022 as part of the PeCHEc project. All sites were sampled on the Kutuharju Field Research Station, a reindeer research station run by the Reindeer Herders' Association of Finland. 8 sites are located on the reindeer winter ranges, while 1 site (S-2P) located on the reindeer summer ranges. 1 site (E-1M-B) is a reindeer exclosure site. In total, 5 sites with mineral soil (profiles with fixed volume cylinders) and 5 sites with peat (peat corer) were sampled in tundra, grassland and birch forest landscapes, covering a range of 5 different reindeer grazing intensities: - exclosure site with no grazing (intensity 1) - occassional migration route (intensity 2) - regular migration route (intensity 3) - frequent migration route (intensity 4) - pasture / supplementary feeding site (intensity 5). Analysis took place at the facilities of AWI between July and October 2022. All samples taken from the cores were analyzed for water content and bulk density. For mineral soil samples, both from mineral soil sites as well as from the bottom of the peat cores, grain size composition was determined. Grain size composition was determined using a Malvern Mastersizer 3000 equipped with a Malvern Hydro LV wet-sample dispersion unit. Statistics were calculated for this using Gradistat 8.0.

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