Optical-NIR catalog of AKARI NEP Deep Field


We present an 8-band (u*, g', r', i', z', Y, J, Ks) optical to near-infrared deep photometric catalogue based on the observations made with MegaCam and WIRCam at CFHT, and compute photometric redshifts, zph in the North Ecliptic Pole (NEP) region, where AKARI infrared satellite carried out deep survey at near to mid infrared wavelength. We designed the catalogue to include sources detected in z' band with counterparts in at least one of the other bands, and found 85797 sources in the NEP field. Comparing with galaxy spectroscopic redshifts, photometric redshift dispersion {sigma}({Delta}z/(1+z)) is 0.032 and catastrophic failure rate {Delta}z/(1+z)>0.15 is 5.8% at z<1. Our redshifts are highly accurate with z'<22 at zph<2.5 and for fainter sources with z'<24 at z<1.

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