Second Byurakan Survey. General Catalogue

The Second Byurakan Survey (SBS) General Catalogue is presented. The SBS, a continuation of the Markarian survey reaching fainter limiting magnitudes, is the first survey which combines the search of galaxies and QSOs. A total area of 991 square degrees of the Northern sky was covered with the use of three objective prisms in combination with Schott filters. The limited magnitude on the best plates reached B~19.5. The General Catalogue consists of 3563 objects presented in two parts: a Catalogue of galaxies (1863 objects) and one of stellar objects (1700 objects). The Catalogue of SBS AGN consists of 761 objects (155 SyG, 596 QSOs, and 10 BLLac). Multi-wavelength data are presented for 1438 SBS objects identified with X-ray, IRAS and FIRST sources. Spectrophotometric observations obtained over 26 years are available for 3132 objects. Redshifts were measured for ~2100 extragalactic objects. Spectral classification is presented for ~2970 objects. The majority of the data is presented here for the first time. The Catalogue presents new large homogeneous deep representative complete samples of bright QSOs, AGNs, and faint UVX galaxies in the Northern sky. The SBS sample is found to be complete at 70% for galaxies and ~85% for AGN/QSOs with B<=17.5.

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