Reddening law of type Ia supernovae


We employ 76 type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia) with optical spectrophotometry within 2.5 days of B-band maximum light obtained by the Nearby Supernova Factory to derive the impact of Si and Ca features on the supernovae intrinsic luminosity and determine a dust reddening law. We use the equivalent width of SiII {lambda}4131 in place of the light curve stretch to account for first-order intrinsic luminosity variability. The resulting empirical spectral reddening law exhibits strong features that are associated with CaII and SiII {lambda}6355. After applying a correction based on the CaII H&K equivalent width we find a reddening law consistent with a Cardelli extinction law. Using the same input data, we compare this result to synthetic rest-frame UBVRI-like photometry to mimic literature observations.

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Creator Chotard N.; Gangler E.; Aldering G.; Antilogus P.; Aragon C.; Bailey S.; Baltay C.; Bongard S.; Buton C.; Canto A.; Childress M.; Copin Y.; Fakhouri H.K.; Hsiao E.Y.; Kerschhaggl M.; Kowalski M.; Loken S.; Nugent P.; Paech K.; Pain R.; Pecontal E.; Pereira R.; Perlmutter S.; Rabinowitz D.; Runge K.; Scalzo R.; Smadja G.; Tao C.; Thomas R.C.; Weaver B.A.; Wu C.; (The Nearby Supernova Factory)
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Publication Year 2011
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