Assembly of functionalized nanoparticles at fluid interfaces


To try to understand the variation in surface tension as a function of functionalized gold nanoparticle particle and SDS concentration, we will make measurements of the specular neutron reflectivity from the air/water interface of gold nanoparticle dispersions. We also propose an indirect measurement of the surface free energy of functionalized gold nanoparticles from a direct measurement of the interfacial structure he surface free energy of gold nanoparticles functionalized with different short-chain thiols. Our recent SANS measurements on these particles, lead us to expect that there maybe lateral ordering of the particles with a characteristic length-scale in the range 10-40 nm, depending on pH. We will use the spin-echo capability of Offspec to look for this ordering and to correlate it with the the particle structures identified by SANS.

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Creator Dr Simon Titmuss; Mr Haidong Jia
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Publication Year 2013
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