Determination of inorganic and organic pollutants in a dated sediment core of the Skagerrak (North Sea)


We investigated 90 contaminants covering inorganic and organic pollutants analyzed in a set of sediment cores taken in the North Sea (Skagerrak). The cores were taken by the German Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) in August 2017 on the RV CelticExplorer (Cruise CE17013a) using a multi corer (MUC, Oktopus, Kiel, Germany) at 57° 49.8 N and 7° 59.9 E at 520 m water depth. Samples were radiometrically dated and analyzed for the mass fractions of eight elements, as well as Pb isotope ratios by (MC) ICP-MS. Analysis of 61 HOCs was carried out using accelerated solvent extraction followed by GC–MS/MS analysis. Determination of 21 PFAS was carried out following DIN 38414-14, 2011, using LC-MS/MS. Furthermore, concentrations of 12 PAHs and 7 PCBs in porewaters were determined using equilibrium passive sampling and GC-MS analysis. Determined mass fractions decreased towards more recent deposited sediment for most analyzed contaminants. These trends could be linked to the time of introductions of restrictions and bans. Therefore, our results confirm, amongst possible other factors, the effectiveness of environmental legislation by revealing a successive change in contamination levels over the decades.

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Creator Logemann, Anna Elisabeth; Reininghaus, Mathias; Schmidt, Maike M; Ebeling, Anna; Zimmermann, Tristan; Wolschke, Hendrik; Friedrich, Jana; Brockmeyer, Berit; Pröfrock, Daniel; Witt, Gesine
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