Police and People in London : a Survey of Londoners, 1981


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To describe the extent and nature of contact with the police among a representative sample of Londoners aged 15 and over and to examine their views about the police and policing in relation to their actual experience. To examine separately the experience of young people aged 15-24 and members of ethnic minority groups.

Main Topics:

Variables Stops, arrests, victimisation, public order events. Social contact with the police, fear of crime, willingness to help the police, priority in fighting crime, views on policing policy, views on standards of police conduct.

(i) General sample: clustered multi-stage random sample of addresses, (wards were PSUs) with one pe

Face-to-face interview

DOI https://doi.org/10.5255/UKDA-SN-2001-1
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Creator Smith, D. J., Political and Economic Planning
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Publication Year 1985
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Discipline Jurisprudence; Law; Social and Behavioural Sciences
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