Accumulation rates of dinoflagellate cysts at trap sites CB2, CB3, CB4, and CB9 off Cape Blanc


A 5-year sediment trap survey in the upwelling area off Cape Blanc (NW Africa) provides information on the seasonal and annual resting cyst production of dinoflagellates, their sinking characteristics and preservation potential. Strong annual variation in cyst production characterizes the region. Cyst production of generally all investigated species, including Alexandrium pseudogonyaulax (Biecheler) T. Horig. ex T. Kita et Fukuyo (cyst genus Impagidinium) and Gonyaulax spinifera (Clap. et J. Lachm.) Diesing (cyst genus Nematosphaeropsis) was enhanced with increasing upper water nutrient and trace-element concentrations. Cyst production of Lingulodinium polyedrum (F. Stein) J. D. Dodge was the highest at the transition between upwelling and upwelling-relaxation. Cyst production of Protoperidinium americanum (Gran et Braarud) Balech, Protoperidinium monospinum (Paulsen) K. A. F. Zonn. et B. Dale, and Protoperidinium stellatum (D. Wall) Balech, and heterotrophic dinoflagellates forming Brigantedinium spp. and Echinidinium aculeatum Zonn., increased most pronouncedly during upwelling episodes. Production of Protoperidinium conicum (Gran) Balech and Protoperidinium pentagonum (Gran) Balech cysts and total diatom valves were related, providing evidence of a predator-prey relationship. The export cyst-flux of E. aculeatum, P. americanum, P. monospinum, and P. stellatum was strongly linked to the flux of total diatom valves and CaCO3, whereas the export production of Echinidinium granulatum Zonn. and Protoperidinium subinerme (Paulsen) A. R. Loebl. correlated with total organic carbon, suggesting potential consumption of diatoms, prymnesiophytes, and organic matter, respectively. Sinking velocities were at least 274 m · d**-1, which is in range of the diatom- and coccolith-based phytoplankton aggregates and "slower" fecal pellets. Species-selective degradation did not occur in the water column, but on the ocean floor.

Supplement to: Zonneveld, Karin A F; Susek, Ewa; Fischer, Gerhard (2010): Seasonal variability of the organic-walled dinoflagellate cyst production in the coastal upwelling region off Cape Blanc (Mauritania): A five-year survey. Journal of Phycology, 46(1), 202-215

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