Pulleniatina obliquiloculata stable oxygen isotopes in sediment core MD05-2925


Planktonic foraminifera Pulleniatina obliquiloculata oxygen isotopes in the Solomon Sea during the past 568-kyr for the subsurface water reconstruction.

DOI https://doi.pangaea.de/10.1594/PANGAEA.952153
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Creator Lo, Li; Shen, C; Zeeden, Christian; Tsai, Yi-Hsueh; Yin, Qiuzhen; Yang, Chun-Chih; Chang, Tzu-Ling; Su, Yu-Chu; Mii, Horng-Sheng; Chuang, Chih-Kai; Chen, Yi-Chi
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Publication Year 2022
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Spatial Coverage (151.460 LON, -9.344 LAT); Egum