Development resources for Quality of Life in Old Age 2005 (SUF edition)


Full edition for scientific use. The central research question of this project is: Does Internet use represent a resource for life quality in old age? In order to answer this question, different areas of the life quality of older people on the one hand, and internet usage behaviour and attitudes towards the internet on the other are being investigated. Questions about the life quality of older people are linked to this research interest. Which areas of life are important for the life quality in old age? What role do different dimensions of life quality play? In order to answer these questions, an attempt is made to apply and further develop existing models of life quality. The use of the internet as a possible resource for life quality in old age requires a precise analysis. How is the internet used? Are there different types of use in which the influence on the life quality varies? The aim is a differentiated view of older internet users in connection with the life quality. Non-users were mainly included in the study as a comparison group. In addition, however, an attempt is made to identify and analyse reasons for non-use and the potential for future use in order to generate socio-political added value for the development of strategies to close the "digital divide" in addition to the gain in knowledge about internet users.

Non-probability: Quota

Face-to-face interview

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