(Table 2) Varimax factor matrix of planktonic foraminifera at DSDP Hole 72-517


Quaternary sediments were recovered at all four Sites at Leg 72. Planktonic foraminifers were abundant and well preserved, especially in the holes shielded from Antarctic Bottom Water (AABW) influence. The fauna belonged to the subtropical province marked by Globigerinoides ruber and to a lesser extent by Globorotalia inflata. Thirty planktonic foraminiferal species were distinguished, and a detailed study of the Site 517 stratigraphy was made. The Quaternary sequence of the Rio Grande Rise was subdivided slightly differently from the Bolli and Premoli Suva (1973) pattern. Five subzones were identified but some difficulties arose when a precise correlation became necessary in the subzones of the tropical provinces. Correlations could nevertheless be made, particularly with respect to the earliest Quaternary. Quaternary faunal data have been dated by isotopic stratigraphy (Vergnaud Grazzini et al.,1983) and partially contradict results previously published for this part of the Atlantic (Williams and Ledbetter, 1979). By studying the occurrence of planktonic foraminifers, we obtained more information about hydrologic variations during the Quaternary sequence of Hole 517; two broad periods were recognized. Finally, we identified the interaction between the Brazil Current and the subtropical convergence

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