n-Alkane concentration in thawed sediments underneath a Yedoma and Alas thermokarst lake in Eastern Siberia


This dataset describes two 17 m long sediment cores taken from beneath two thermokarst lakes in the Yukechi Alas, Central Yakutia, Russia. The first core was taken from below an Alas thermokarst lake (YU-L7; 61.76397°N, 130.46442°E) and the second core below and Yedoma lake (YU-L15; 61.76086°N, 130.47466°E).The dataset presents the n-alkane data from sediment cores YU-L7 and YUL15. Concentrations of n-alkanes in the range n-C16 to n-C37 are given in µg/g sediment.The n-alkanes were measured in the aliphatic fraction by gas chromatography-mass spectromety using a Trace GC Ultra coupled to a DSQ MS.

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Creator Jongejans, Loeka Laura; Liebner, Susanne; Knoblauch, Christian; Mangelsdorf, Kai; Strauss, Jens
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Publication Year 2021
Funding Reference Federal Ministry of Education and Research, 03F0764A; Federal Ministry of Education and Research, 03F0764B; Federal Ministry of Education and Research, 03F0764F; German Science Foundation, 232311661; German Science Foundation, 390683824; Seventh Framework Programme, 338335
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Spatial Coverage (130.464W, 61.761S, 130.475E, 61.764N)