Durme debouchment - Belgium

The Durme debouchment is a subsite (12 ha) of the Scheldt Estuary and its alluvial plains. The setup for deployed in the context of eLTER_RI is a cross-shore open-air laboratory open for other researchers and students to experiment in a long-term in-situ setup. The responses studied are on the level of sediment, infauna of tidal flats, (ground)water levels, carbon (including microphytobenthos and green-house gases), (ground)water quality and marsh vegetation (plant biodiversity, biomass). An end-goal is to provide long term field data to develop numerical eco-morphodynamic model(s) that is/are able to predict the effect of changed water budgets on carbon sequestration or greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity (by eDNA), macro-invertebrate production and changes in tidal wetland plant species distribution and production in a cross-shore approach.

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