DigiLing e-Learning Hub: e-Courses for Digital Linguistics


The files represent exported e-learning resources created within the DigiLing project, www.digiling.eu. We have identified seven core subjects in Digital Linguistics and built seven corresponding courses: - Introduction to Text Processing and Analysis - Introduction to Python for Linguists - Computational Lexicology and Lexicography - Localization Tools and Workflows - Post-Editing Machine Translation - Mining and Managing Multilingual Terminology - Variability of Languages in Time and Space

The data format is .mbz, a compressed archive compatible with any e-learning environment running Moodle.

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Creator Vintar, Špela; Bago, Petra; Mikelić Preradović, Nives; Ciobanu, Dragos; Secara, Alina; Reiss, Caroline; Žabokrtsky, Zdenek; Nitzke, Jean; Tardel, Anke; Vondricka, Pavel; Lukešova, Lucie
Publisher Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana; Charles University; Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb; Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz; Leeds University
Publication Year 2019
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