TermFrame: Terms, definitions and semantic annotations for karstology


The resource contains several datasets containing domain-specific data in three languages, English, Slovenian and Croatian, which can be used for various knowledge extraction or knowledge modelling tasks. The resource represents knowledge for the domain of karstology, a subfield of geography studying karst and related phenomena. It contains:

  1. Definitions Plain text files contain definitions of karst concepts from relevant glossaries and encyclopaedia, but also definitions which had been extracted from domain-specific corpora.

  2. Annotated definitions Definitions were manually annotated and curated in the WebAnno tool. Annotations include several layers including definition elements, semantic relations following the frame-based theory of terminology (FBT), relation definitors which can be used for learning relation patterns, and semantic categories defined in the domain model.

  3. Terms, definitions and sources The TermFrame knowledge base contains terms and their corresponding concept identifiers, definitions and definition sources.

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