Survey data on Chinese giant salamander usage in company-model salamander farms, China (2013-2016)


Interview data obtained from company members in 66 company-model giant salamander farms, in 62 counties across 12 provinces in China (2013-2016). Data include: history of the farm, salamander stock composition and origin, and wild vs captive salamander stocking preferences.Project design was approved by the Zoological Society of London’s ethics committee (ref. WLE569), and by provincial-level Chinese government bodies in all provinces where fieldwork was conducted.

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Creator Turvey, Samuel; Chen, Shu; Tapley, Benjamin; Liang, Zhiqiang; Wei, Gang; Yang, Jian; Jie, Wang; Wu, Minyao; Redbond, Jay; Brown, Thomas; Cunningham, Andrew
Publisher University College London UCL
Contributor Figshare
Publication Year 2021
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Discipline Biospheric Sciences; Ecology; Economics; Geosciences; Natural Sciences; Social and Behavioural Sciences