Individual's Attitudes Within Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises to Environment and Environmental Compliance, 1996-1997


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The aims of the study were : to understand better the attitudes of individuals within small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to environmental compliance and non-compliance including whether they regard the latter as crimes, and to understand the influence of such attitudes on business responsiveness and responsibility. The study also had six main objectives : to determine awareness and attitudes of individuals in SMEs to the environment and environmental protection; to determine people's definitions of compliance and whether environmental non-compliance is comparable to other types of crime; to consider the relationship between attitudes and corporate culture, and also with perceived preventative behaviour; to examine the influence of social values on business attitudes and stakeholder responses; to examine any apparent differences of attitudes of the legal profession to environmental offences and the influence upon individuals in businesses; to consider the potential effects of attitudes to environmental compliance upon policies encouraging self-regulation and the achievement of the objectives of sustainable development.

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The dataset contains 387 responses by individuals, management and non-management, from within small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), to a structured postal questionnaire covering four subject areas : personal attitudes to the environment; attitudes to environmental non-compliance scenarios presented in a business context; attitudes to environmental crime as compared with other crimes; attitudes to general business and specific individual company responses to the environment and environmental compliance. Standard Measures Likert scales utilised on personal attitudes to the environment and applied to the 42 questions on business response to environment and environmental compliance.

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