Extent and spatial distribution of karst in Slovenia


A spatial database was created in the form of a polygon shape file (.shp) contains data on the occurrence of karst and the lithological type of karst for each of the 1:100,000 scale lithological polygons in Slovenia. As a spatial data source for the surface lithology a vector map of rock types in Slovenia was used (Zemljevid tipov kamnin 2012). This data source was based on the lithostratigraphic map of Slovenia (Litostratigrafska karta Slovenije 2011), which was primarily based on 1:25,000 vectorized geological maps of Slovenia. The data on surface lithology was prepared at a scale of 1:100,000. The spatial dataset (shp) of karst in Slovenia by lithological types consists of 12,734 polygons. The attribute Karst_EN contains data on types in English and the attribute Karst_SI contains data on karst types in Slovenian. The spatial dataset (shp) of the distribution of karst in Slovenia contains 1 polygon, which provides information on the spatial extent of karst in Slovenia.

The dataset contains the following data:- spatial dataset (shp) of karst in Slovenia according to lithological types (Fig. 6: Spatial distribution of karst in Slovenia in various lithological units.)- spatial dataset (shp) of distribution of karst in Slovenia (Fig. 7: Spatial distribution of karst in Slovenia.)- images (jpg) of spatial distribution of karst in Slovenia in various lithologies (Fig. 6) and of spatial distribution of karst in Slovenia (Fig. 7)Coordinate system used for the spatial datasets: EPSG 3794

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