Defensive freezing links Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal-axis activity and internalizing symptoms in humans

The data set contains preprocessed body sway (in mm) and heart rate (in beats-per-minute) data, as well as raw data of internalizing and externalizing symptoms, subjective stress, blood pressure, cortisol, and amylase. This data was used for analyses in the research described in the Psychoneuroendocrinology paper by Niermann et al. (2017). The goal of this study was to investigate human freezing behavior before, immediately after, and one hour after a social-evaluative and physical stress test in adolescents. To assess adolescents’ freezing behavior, we used a well-established and objective measure that combines electrocardiographic and posturographic recordings. A full description of the procedure and the measures is given in the Methodology file. The R-syntax files contain a description of data as well as all steps of data analysis that were performed. The results of those analyses are described in the paper.

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