(Table 1) Age and lithological description of sediment core MD99-2227


For bulk mineralogy, semiquantitative estimation was obtained by applying correction factors to the measured intensity of the reflections as follows: I3.34 Å * 1 for quartz, I3.03Å * 1.92 for calcite, I3.18Å and I3.20Å * 2 for feldspars, and I4.4Å * 20 for total clay (Boski et al., 1998). Semiquantitative estimations (±5 *10%; Biscaye (1965)) of the main clay species were based on the height of specific reflections, generally measured on EG runs. The intensities were corrected by a weight factor and values were added up to total 100%. The relative intensity of the main clay species was calculated according to I10ÅEG * 1 for illite, (I10ÅH-I10ÅEG) * 1 for smectites, I14ÅEG * 0.4 for chlorite, and I12ÅEG * 0.4 for illite-chlorite mixed layers (10 * 14c), I7ÅEG * 0.7 * [I3.57ÅEG/(I3.57ÅEG+I3.54ÅEG)] (see Fagel et al. (2003) for details). For grain-size data, mean and sorting were calculated according to Folk and Ward (1957).

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