RepResent Longitudinal survey 2019 - 2021

This deposit contains the final, merged dataset containing the full RepResent Longitudinal survey data. The panel study consists of a pre- and post-electoral wave around the elections of May 26, 2019, a third wave about one year later (April 2020), and a final fourth wave. In the first, pre-electoral wave respondents were questioned between April 5 and May 21, 2019 (99% was interviewed before May 6). The second, post-electoral wave, surveyed the same respondents immediately after the elections (between May 28 and June 18, 2019). Respondents were surveyed a third time one year after the elections (between April 7 and April 27, 2020), and a final fourth time two years after the elections (between May 18, 2021 and June 4, 2021). These surveys were conducted by Kantar TNS at the request of the Excellence of Science consortium RepResent.

The target population of the study are the inhabitants of Flanders, Wallonia, and the Brussels Region that were eligible to vote for the elections of May 26, 2019. The gross sample consisted of respondents that were recruited from diverse online panels (Kantar’s own panel as well as panels from other online companies such as Dynata). The target was a net sample that would match the distribution on gender, age and education for the voting aged population in their respective regions. Due to non-response, the final samples differ from the target population distributions somewhat, but weights are provided in the dataset to set the sample distributions to match the population distributions.

The initial target was to have a net sample of 2500 respondents at the end of the second wave (1000 respondents in Flanders and Wallonia and 500 respondents in the Brussels Region). During the fieldwork, however, it was decided to oversample and continue the data collection even when the target was reached to be able to conduct a third and potentially fourth wave during the legislative term. For the third and fourth waves no target was set: the aim was simply to maximize responses.

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