Witness and Victim Experience Survey, 2007/8-2009/10


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The Witness and Victim Experience Survey (WAVES) was designed to provide data at both a national (England and Wales) level and Local Criminal Justice Board (LCJB) level about victims' and witnesses' experiences of the Criminal Justice System (CJS), the services they receive, and their satisfaction with different aspects of the system, in cases that resulted in a defendant being charged. Victims and prosecution witnesses (aged 18 and over) in England and Wales were asked about different aspects of their experience with the CJS – from their first contact with the police to their experience at court. Questions covered giving a statement to the police, information on case progression, experience at court and of giving evidence where relevant, and perceptions of and satisfaction with different aspects of the CJS. Interviews were conducted via telephone by trained interviewers.

Main Topics:

The questions covered topics such as: giving a statement to the police; information on case progression; experience at court and of giving evidence; and perceptions of and satisfaction with different aspects of the CJS.

One-stage stratified or systematic random sample

Telephone interview

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