(Appendix A) Paleomagnetic of IODP Site 303-U1305


Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) Expedition 303 to the North Atlantic in 2004 recovered rapidly deposited deep-sea sediments at IODP Site U1305 on Eirik Drift, located south of Greenland at 3460 m water depth, along the path of the Western Boundary Under Current (WBUC). About 200 m of sediment was sampled with u-channels from the composite section, providing a continuous record of paleomagnetic field directions and relative paleointensity (RPI) variations covering the past 1.2 Myr. The age model, based on an oxygen isotope record, is consistent with the fit of the RPI record to a calibrated template, and indicates higher sedimentation rates during interglacials relative to glacial epochs. Magnetite grain-size and concentration proxies indicate higher concentrations of magnetite with larger grain sizes during interglacials. Enhanced interglacial deposition can be attributed to a combination of elevated entrainment of terrigenous detritus into the WBUC due to glacial retreat on continents flanking the upstream path of the WBUC (east Greenland and Iceland), and of increased bottom current (WBUC) vigor leading to elevated transport and deposition at the site during interglacials. This pattern is opposite to observations of flow of the Antarctic circum polar current (ACC) in the south Indian Ocean, which suggests an inter-hemispheric antiphase in marine circulation at the Milankovitch scale, with strong circulation in the deep North Atlantic when the ACC is weak, and vice versa.

Sediment depth is given in mcd.

Supplement to: Mazaud, Alain; Channell, James E T; Stoner, Joseph S (2012): Relative paleointensity and environmental magnetism since 1.2Ma at IODP site U1305 (Eirik Drift, NW Atlantic). Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 357-358, 137-144

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