Table 1 Radiocarbon dates of cores Lz1104-1 and Lz1104-5 from Hjort Sø


All dates were calibrated into calendar years before present (cal. year BP) using the calibration program CALIB 5.0.1 with theIntCal04 dataset for non-marine radiocarbon samples from the northern hemisphere (Stuiver and Reimer 1993; Reimer et al. 2004).Minima and maxima ages were calculated at the 2r probability distribution. The 2r mean was used for the calculation of the age-depthcorrelation.

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Creator Wagner, Bernd; Bennike, Ole; Bos, Johanna A A; Cremer, Holger; Lotter, André F; Melles, Martin
Publisher PANGAEA
Publication Year 2008
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Spatial Coverage (-18.761 LON, 76.433 LAT); Hjort Lake, central Store Koldewey, NE-Greenland