Life Stress, Symptomatology and First Year Examination Performance in Overseas Students, 1976-1977


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The main aims of this study were to examine a sample of first year overseas undergraduate students at Edinburgh University and to determine the relationship between, on the one hand, sociological data, life events experienced since being accepted to Edinburgh and on the other, first year examination performance and psychiatric symptomatology.

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Variables The students were interviewed briefly at the beginning of the first term and subsequently for a more extensive interview during the Easter term. At the second interview several detailed assessments were made, which included: 1. A measurement of Cultural Distance, together with an independent assessment of problems and subjective feelings arising out of such distance. 2. Measurement of Life Events and long-term difficulties since acceptance for Edinburgh University. 3. Scales designed to measure a single symptom, such as headache or depression. At the end of the academic year the details of academic performance, the number of medical consultations and the categories of episodes were obtained. The main interest of the research was in the relationships within the group of overseas students; a multiple regression analysis was used to determine the nature of these relationships.

No sampling (total universe)

Simple random sample

All first year undergraduate overseas students, plus all first year non-graduate overseas students

Face-to-face interview

Educational measurements

Medical records and psychiatric assessment

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