230Th dating results analyzed at the University of Minnesota (Dataset S1)


The error is 2s error. U decay constants: l238 = 1.55125x10-10 (Jaffey et al., 1971) and l234 = 2.82206x10-6 (Cheng et al., 2013). Th decay constant: l230 = 9.1705x10-6 (Cheng et al., 2013).d234U = ([234U/238U]activity – 1)x1000. d234Uinitial was calculated based on 230Th age (T), i.e., d234Uinitial = d234Umeasured x el234xT.Corrected 230Th ages assume the initial 230Th/232Th atomic ratio of 4.4 ±2.2 x10-6. Those are the values for a material at secular equilibrium, with the bulk earth 232Th/238U value of 3.8. The errors are arbitrarily assumed to be 50%.**B.P. stands for "Before Present" where the "Present" is defined as the year 1950 A.D.

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Spatial Coverage (19.770 LON, -33.730 LAT); Cape Limeworks Cave 1, Robertson, Western Cape, South Africa