Radiocarbon dating in sediment core CE18011_VC1 and RH17002_VC7


A remotely operated vehicle mounted (ROV) vibrocorer rig acquired the two cores from the Porcupine Bank Canyon (NE Atlantic) and western Porcupine Bank (NE Atlantic) during the RH17002 and CE18011 research cruises. RH17002_VC7 is a 0.81 m ROV-vibrocore and was acquired from a cold-water coral mound summit on lip of the Porcupine Bank Canyon. CE18011_VC1 is a 1.30 m ROV-vibrocore and was acquired from cold-water coral mound summit on the western Porcupine Bank. To construct a geochronological framework, mixed benthic foraminifera (Cibicides lobatulus, Cibicides refulgens and Discanomalina coronata), monospecific planktic foraminifera (Globigerina bulloides) and cold-water coral pieces (Madrepora oculata) were subjected to radiometric analysis. Results were standardized using PaleoDataView (Langner and Mulitza, 2019) to allow applicability and consistency across synthesis.

AMS 14C dates obtained from benthic and planktic foraminifera and CWC fragments collected from cores RH17002_VC7 and CE18011_VC1. Reservoir (res.) ages and error, calibrated (cal.) age determined from Paleo Data View (Langner and Mulitza, 2019). Age model (AM) age was determined using BACON (Blaauw and Christen, 2011). Aggradation rates (AR) are calculated through linear interpolation of acquired ages.

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Publication Year 2022
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Spatial Coverage (-15.013W, 51.983S, -15.000E, 51.989N); Porcupine Bank