British General Election Study, 1997 : Ethnic Minority Survey


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British General Election Study, 1997 : Ethnic Minority Survey The aims of the Ethnic Minority Survey are: to evaluate the extent to which ethnic minority voters are integrated into the electoral process; to evaluate whether, after taking into account their social background, members of the main ethnic minorities vote differently from each other and from their white counterparts; to examine whether the political attitudes of ethnic minority voters are significantly different from that of white voters; to examine whether members of ethnic minorities are influenced by different considerations than their white counterparts in deciding how to vote and to evaluate in particular, the importance of issues of race and immigration in voting behaviour of ethnic minority and white voters.

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The file contains data for 705 respondents from: an hour and ten minutes long face-to-face interview; a self-completion questionnaire; geographic information derived from the census; turn-out and electoral registration information derived from a check against the marked-up Electoral Registers. The respondents are partly a subset of the British General Election Study Cross-section Survey and partly an ethnic boost generated by a random screening survey. Standard Measures Self-completion Q3a,b,e,f,g,Q4a make up a standard BGES left-right scale; self-completion Q3c,d,Q4b-e make up a standard BGES libertarian-authoritarian scale.

Multi-stage stratified random sample

The sample was generated from three main sources: ethnic minority respondents who happened to be ge

Face-to-face interview


CAPI; Link to census data; check against marked-up electoral registers.

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