Coupling between magnons and phonons in multiferroic tellurides Co3TeO6 and Ni3TeO6


The tellurides, M3TeO6, were recently reported as multiferroic The materials show complex behaviour with a series of commensurate and incommensurate antiferromagnetic phases below 60 K. In Co3TeO6, a dielectric anomaly is observed around 18 K, indicating a spontaneous polarization. Recent measurement at MARI gave good results, including signs of a low-energy spin wave cone. We intent to repeat this to obtain sufficient statistics and to measure a few additional temperatures to cover all magnetic phases. Ni3TeO6 shows commensurate antiferromagnetism but still strong magneto-electric coupling. Here, the MARI data showed clear magnetic excitations, including a peculiar signal at 10 meV, that we intent to study at higher resolution and at a few more temperatures. This study will elucidate the magnetoelectric coupling in the tellurides, and possibly a coupling between magnons and phonons.

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Creator Dr Tatiana Guidi; Mr Jakob Lass; Mr Christopher Røhl Andersen; Ms Ursula Bengaard Hansen; Dr Maria Retuerto; Dr Jon Taylor; Professor Martin Sahlberg; Professor Kim Lefmann; Dr Jonas Okkels Birk
Publisher ISIS Neutron and Muon Source
Publication Year 2019
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