(Table 2) Particulate organic carbon concentrations in the water column of the Barents Sea in August-September 1997


A comparative estimation of particulate organic matter concentration in seawater in various regions of the Barents Sea was carried out on the basis of materials collected by authors in August-September 1997. It is shown that the major feature of near-bottom distribution of particulate organic matter is distinct decrease in its concentration from off-shore areas of the Murman and Novaya Zemlya coasts and the Franz Josef Land Archipelago toward the central part of the Barents Sea. Using a method of mean and maximum concentrations of particulate organic matter, an attempt was made to estimate its fluxes from the surface to the bottom.

UML = upper mixed layer; NBL = near-bottom layer.

Supplement to: Romankevich, Evgeny A; Korneeva, Galina A; Shevchenko, Vladimir P; Gordeev, Vladimir Yu; Belyaev, Nikolay A (2000): Suspended organic matter in the Barents Sea. Translated from Okeanologiya, 2000, 409(2), 208-216, Oceanology, 40(2), 192-200

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