Austrian Immigrant Survey 2016 (SUF edition)


Full edition for scientific use. The Austrian Immigrat Survey 2016 is a supplementary telephone survey to the main survey of the Social Survey Austria (SSÖ) 2016. In the supplementary survey, each 300 migrants in Austria from Turkey and former Yugoslavia were interviewed about their living situation. In order to make comparisons with the Austrian population, some of the questions were the same as asked in the SSÖ main survey.

Non-probability: Purposive

Telephone interview: CATI

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Creator Bacher, Johann; Beham-Rabanser, Martina; Grausgruber, Alfred; Haller, Max; Höllinger, Franz; Muckenhuber, Johanna; Prandner, Dimitri; Verwiebe, Roland
Publisher AUSSDA; The Austrian Social Science Data Archive
Publication Year 2020
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Discipline Humanities; Linguistics
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