Relative intensity and age depostion range in the north of the South China Sea from sediment core PC27, PC83 and PC111


Relative intensity (RPI) was constructed using the equation:RPI=NRM((20-60)mT)/SIRM (20-60)mTwhere SIRM were imparted with DC fields of 1000 mT, then demagnetized using 20, 40,60 80 mT AF field.Paleomagnetic analysis, including NRM, ARM and SIRM, was measured with 2G-760 cryogenic magnetometer.

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Creator Yang, Xiaoqiang; Su, Zhihua; Wei, Gangjian ; Zhang, Tingwei ; Chen, Qiong
Publisher PANGAEA
Publication Year 2023
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Spatial Coverage (112.021W, 16.615S, 113.389E, 18.168N); South China Sea